A 25-year-old Arcade Video Game by Vision of Reality

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Not emulated in MAME


Cybergate © 1993 Vision of Reality.

Cybergate is based on an intergalactic space adventure which includes advanced fighter ships, armed drone sentries and gigantic motherships. Players interact in groups of 6. Two teams can be composed of 3 players each.


Cybergate the Arcade Video Game
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Fantasy Transport Pod hardware

Type of interface : Imersive -HMD-
Physical posture : Sit Down
Motion of the platform: None
Controls : 8-way joystick
Computer platform: SGI Onyx REII, and next version with Kubota. 486 based PC for control
Type of display : Kaiser-Electro Optics VIM 500
Tracking : Polhemus
Unit description : configuration : 6 Generic Sit down PODs

Graphical Information :
Texture mapping capability: SGI RE II

Network Information :
Max. number of units networked locally : 6
Max. number of units networked remotely : None

Other Technical Description :
Despite the use of the SGI REII, the graphic quality is very poor.

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