Cyber Tank

Arcade Video game published 33 years ago by Coreland Technology, Inc.

Cyber Tank screenshot

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Cyber Tank (c) 1988 Coreland Technology, Incorporated.

The game can be played by 2 players at the same time, and the 2nd player can join the game during playing by the 1st player.

The 1st player uses the horizontal control and the 2nd player uses the gun unit to destroy the attacking enemies.


Cabinet dimensions:
Width: 780 mm.
Depth: 1300 mm.
Height: 1750 mm.
Weight: 158 kg.

2-monitor game.

T-8008 T-Type board


Cyber Tank was never released but had a location test around August 1988, which failed... As of this writing (July 2012), there is only one known cabinet in existence at this time.

After this game, Coreland Technology, Inc. had many loans and Bandai acquired them. They changed many things at Coreland including the name to Banpresto, and the managing of toys business.

Apollon Music released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Original Sound of Cyber Tank - KHY-1027) in cassette format on 30/03/1988. Also released the soundtrack album in CD format (Original Sound of Cyber Tank - BY12-5029) on 16/12/1988.


Game's ROM.