Cyber Surfin

Arcade Video game published 27 years ago by Global Ent. Systems

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Cyber Surfin (c) 1994 Global Entertainment Systems, Limited.

In the late 20th Century kids drove cars, in the 21st Century they risked shattered nerves inside the VRNet, but in the 22nd Century they like the excitement to be real, so they risk their 'lives' inside miles of twisting pipework, where stopping for a rest is not allowed and losing a life means its over baby, kaput, finito!

With limited shields and a helluva lot of 'Street Creds' to play for, a player advance though the pipework mazes in the hope of reaching the higher levels and the ultimate glory - their success being broadcast on one of the major Video Network Server New Channedls! In the pipes of the Cyber maze heroes are created and losers are, well frankly, losers!

Wanna play in the maze? Wanna Surf into history? Climb aboard and take your best shot!


Virtual Motion hardware.

Type of Interface: POD based -Window on the world-
Physical Posture: Stand Up.
Motion of the platform: Yes.
Controls: DDL's PemRam technology allow for the very first time a motion base to be an input as well as an output device.
Computer platform: SGI, Onyx RealityEngine2. 486 for monitor control.
Type of Dislay: Barco Video projection system.
Unit Description: Stand alone POD with separate screen for projection.