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Cyber Police E-SWAT - Enhanced Special Weapons and Tactics [Model 38]

Sega Mega-Tech cart. published 34 years ago by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

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Cyber Police E-SWAT - Enhanced Special Weapons and Tactics [Model 38] screenshot

Cyber Police E-SWAT - Enhanced Special Weapons and Tactics © 1990 Sega.

A powerful crime syndicate is creating chaos in your city. As a rookie cop, you must prove your worth by capturing dangerous criminals in order to get promoted to an E-Swat agent, the meanest crime-fighting machine ever to walk the streets! Many perils await you, but it's all part of a cop's job! Features nice graphics & sound, as well as a nice variety of enemies & challenges to beat!


Runs on the "Mega-Tech System" hardware.
Cartridge ID: 610-0239-38


Released in July 1990.

SWAT is an acronym for 'Special Weapons And Tactics'.

The police cruiser that appears in the ending of E-SWAT makes a cameo appearance in the 1991 Sega Genesis game "Streets of Rage". The car's main purpose on Streets of Rage was to assist Axel, Blaze and Adam (the heroes in Streets of Rage) by firing either rocket grenades, or napalm at the bad guys whenever it was needed (ironically, some of the people who worked on E-SWAT's such as Tinon, and Dolphin ended up working on Streets of Rage).


* Level select : start a game, the Hero and Mission screen appears. Now hold A+B+C and press Left, Right, Up, Down. You are now able to select the level by pressing Left/Right.

* Sound test : to enable the sound test, first beat the game. Then during the ending sequence, press and hold buttons A+B+C+Downleft. Keep holding these and press Start until the sound test screen appears.


Game designed by : Tinon
Programmed by : Momonga Momo, Little Sun
Designers : Nandemo, Macco Chan, Seishi Atsumiya, Mikarin
Music by : Dolphin, Middle Village
Sound coordinator : Bo
Original concept by : Saki


Sega Megadrive (1995)


Game's ROM.
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