Cyber Illusion

This NEC PC-9801 Series 5.25in. disk. is listed and emulated in MAME !

Set(s) list:
 pc98: cyberill
Information last updated on November 08, 2020.
Set's name: "cyberill"
MAME's description: Cyber Illusion

ROM name="cyber illusion (1995)(pearl)(disk 1 of 8)(disk a).fdd" size="1284092" crc="6dda71d4" sha1="b63a19bc93d043e76160d050837c48c909c3a499"
ROM name="cyber illusion (1995)(pearl)(disk 2 of 8)(disk b).fdd" size="1310716" crc="4cdc23ac" sha1="ab99abafa25668a6491a503547cd98480579e536"
ROM name="cyber illusion (1995)(pearl)(disk 3 of 8)(disk c).fdd" size="1096700" crc="e76ec297" sha1="f214f618ae60e874a064bffc54b6263c547333c2"
ROM name="cyber illusion (1995)(pearl)(disk 4 of 8)(disk d).fdd" size="1008636" crc="e0e867e4" sha1="38c79febf4e9754b0dc544b3bcae1f8b47a075fe"
ROM name="cyber illusion (1995)(pearl)(disk 5 of 8)(disk e).fdd" size="875516" crc="24ed3a6d" sha1="b3646b5be147f237cf78c299f9de167b6b1fdf33"
ROM name="cyber illusion (1995)(pearl)(disk 6 of 8)(disk f).fdd" size="1233916" crc="361cd0cd" sha1="fb9959d1c3568408610f50cc409838766df026a9"
ROM name="cyber illusion (1995)(pearl)(disk 7 of 8)(disk g).fdd" size="855036" crc="71b22669" sha1="ac4758642798891a1d7550bc883dc63682938a4e"
ROM name="cyber illusion (1995)(pearl)(disk 8 of 8)(disk h).fdd" size="1022972" crc="0efef11b" sha1="5c2a74858c541557736afb72e0717791b6a93381"

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