Atari 2600 cart. published 39 years ago by Imagic, Inc.

Cubicolor screenshot

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Cubicolor (c) 1982 Imagic

The screen consists of two cubes, with player one on the top and player two on the bottom. Each cube has 24 squares plus one blank square (5x5). At the start of the game, the squares are randomized and a 3x3 pattern is generated. The player must make the 3x3 center of the cube match this pattern (ignoring the 16 squares in the outer ring). The player can move the squares by sliding them one at a time into the blank square. This concept should seem familiar to anyone who has played the old sliding puzzle game. Once you match the pattern, you win! Since there's no computer opponent to play against, the player must simply try to solve the puzzle in the fewest number of moves as possible. The two player games are a bit more fun, with two players trying to solve their cube first.


Cubicolor was written by Rob Fulop while he was working Imagic, but the company refused to publish it. Nevertheless, he proceeded to sell it himself in a very limited amount of cartridges. He first sold these in the 80’s for $100 each, and then released the remainder in the mid-90's when there was renewed interest. Most copies have a simple white label and are signed and numbered by Rob Fulop. It is unknown exactly how many copies exist, although it is believed to be less than 100.


Programmer: Rob Fulop


Game's ROM.