Cromemco Dazzler Games

Zilog Z80 CPU soft. published 44 years ago by Cromemco, Inc.

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Cromemco Dazzler Games (c) 1977 Cromemco.

A compilation of various games on a single 5.25" or 8" diskette. All games require the Cromemco TV Dazzler to be displayed on a TV screen.

* Chase!
* Dazzle-Doodle (not a game)
* Dazzle-Mation (not a game)
* Four-Dimensional Tic Tac Toe is a Qubic translation.
* Dogfight is a two player game. Each player uses a joystick to control their fighter plane. Players must take off from the ground and try to shoot their opponent out of the sky. Players can adjust throttle, do aeleron rolls and fire their guns.
* Gotcha! is a Light Cycle game for two players. They each start in a corner of the screen and leave behind a trail. The first player to hit a trail loses the round.
* Kaleidoscope (not a game)
* Life
* Spacewar
* Tank war is a two player combat game in which both control a tank using joysticks. Tanks can fire missiles and mines are present on the play field. 2 points are scored for a missile hit and 1 point for a mine kill. The game ends when one of the player has 90 points.
* Track
* Xlife