Criticom [Model T-2302H]

Sega Saturn CD published 26 years ago by Vic Tokai, Inc.

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Criticom © 1997 Vic Tokai, Inc.

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Game ID: T-2302H


Released on February 28, 1997 in USA.


POINT OF VIEW Saturn Conversion
Producer: Mark Nausha
Programmers: Chris Warner, Mike Tarlecki

Programmers: Matthew Arrington, Mohammad Asaduzzaman, Pravin Wagh, Feng Hu, Joseph Lee
Developed by: Kronos Digital Entertainment Inc.
Executive Producer: Stanley Liu
Producer: Albert Co
Lead Programmer: Matthew Arrington
Art Director: Albert Co
Lead Animator: Andy Koo, Stanley Liu, Darrek Rosen, Darrin Krumweide
Original Concept: Stanley Liu
Game Design: Albert Co, Francis Co, Stanley Liu
Visual Design: Frazad Varahramyan
Music Composition and Performance: Carlton Liu
Sound Effects: Carlton Liu, Mind Warp Production
Modeling and Texture Mapping: Albert Co, Francis Co
Cinematic Sequences Production Manager: Larry Paolicelli
CG Modeling, Animation, and Rendering: Kevin Lee, Joan Igawa, Larry Paolicelli, Francis Co, Stanley Liu, Albert Co
Animation Modeling: Haemi Yi, Hak Soo Ha, Mind Warp Production
Voice Actors: Joan Igawa, Andy Koo, Frazad Varahramyan, Patricia Winters, Stanley Liu, Anthony Lagunzad
Cover Art: Albert Co
Manual Design and Layout: Albert Co, Frazad Varahramyan
Special Thanks: Robert Yasui, Vic Tokai Inc., Soga‑San, Leonard Garcia, Masumi Matsunaga, Jim Daluisio, Sandy Abe, Michael Arrington, Max Chapman, David Sears, Anthony Lagunzad, Patricia Winters, John Park, Louie Flores, Chi


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