Crash 'n' The Boys - Street Challenge [Model NES-S8-USA]

A 26-year-old Nintendo NES Cart. by American Technos


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Crash 'n' The Boys - Street Challenge © 1992 American Technos.

North American release. Game developed in Japan. See the original Famicom version for more information: "Bikkuri Nekketsu Shin Kiroku! Harukanaru Kin Medal [Model TJC-NK]".

Description from the back cover:

Sure they're from the wrong part of town, but Crash Cooney and his buds from Southside High romped all over the Spring Heel City Track Meet. Now all the rich mama's-boys from up on The Hill want a rematch - no rules, no-holds-barred. So they're takin' it to the streets.

Control your favorite team - Crash 'N' The Boys of Southside High, or any of the three Hiller schools: Washington High, Lincoln High or Jefferson High.

Plus you'll face the computer-controlled Team Thomley - a group of super athletes ready to trounce all the schools.

Rage through 5 wild street events - 400 M Hurt-les, Hammer Golf, Water Slaughter, Skyline Scramble and Judo.


Barcode: 095303284035


Released in October 1992 in North America.

Originally part of the Kunio-kun series. It the 8th game in the series released for the Famicom and 5th to be localized for the North American market. Like previous localizations of the series (see Renegade, Super Dodge Ball, River City Ransom and Nintendo World Cup), the game's graphics and plot were altered to make the game marketable outside Japan.

The actual scenery for the sports events were changed. While the original Japanese version represented the events as part a legit Olympic tournament, the backgrounds were changed in Street Challenge to go along with the urban setting.

The four main teams in the Japanese version, Nekketsu, Hanazono, Reiho, and Rengo, were composed of established Kunio-kun characters (such as the Double Dragon twins, Ryuichi and Ryuji) and were all returning characters from Koshinkyoku. Of the four main teams, only Reng? (the Union) did not represent a specific school, being composed of students from several schools. The CPU-controlled Team Thornley was originally the Oklahoma High School team, the sole American school in Shin Kiroku.

The character roster was changed, to make the Southside High team (Nekketsu High School) more ethnically diverse. T?d? and Yamada (Todd and Skip respectively in Street Challenge) were not playable characters in the Japanese version, T?d? was simply the sponsor of the tournament. In Street Challenge, Todd was made into the captain of the Hanazono High School team (which became the Washington High team in Street Challenge), replacing established hero Riki. Riki's sprite is used in Street Challenge as a member of Team Thornley named "Crush", who replaces a black character named Raphael. Artie and Skip replace the Double Dragon twins, Ryuichi and Ryuji, as the captains of Reiho (Lincoln High in Street Challenge). The Rengo team (known as Jefferson High in Street Challenge) was the only team that had its roster unchanged during the transition from Shin Kiroku to Street Challenge.

Street Challenge was planned to be the first in a series of Kunio-kun games to be localized under the Crash 'n' the Boys moniker. The ending to Street Challenge features a teaser for the next game in the Crash 'n' the Boys series, Ice Challenge, a localization of the earlier Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu (the original final image for Street Challenge showed Momozono on a swing in the sunset, with the message "That's All" written in hiragana characters). A promotional poster packaged with the SNES game The Combatribes featured the cover artwork of the game. However, Ice Challenge was never officially released outside of Japan. Other Crash 'n' the Boys games announced by American Technos include Soccer Challenge (Nekketsu Soccer League), Diamond Challenge (Downtown Nekketsu Baseball Monogatari) for the SNES, and the Game Boy version of Street Challenge; all went unreleased.

Crash and the Boys is the name of a band in the comic book Scott Pilgrim. The band appears in the film adaption as well as the game based on it.
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Crash 'n' the Boys - Street Challenge was released on the Virtual Console service in North America on sept.14, 2009 for the Wii, on dec.19, 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS and on dec.11, 2014 for the Wii U. When it was never released for the NES in PAL regions, it was also released on the Virtual Console for that country on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U on nov.28, 2013 and dec.4, 2014 respectively.

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