Crash Bandicoot - Warped [Model SCUS-94244]

Sony PlayStation CD published 26 years ago by Sony Computer Ent. America

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Crash Bandicoot - Warped © 1998 Sony Computer Ent. America.

Having twice failed to destroy the World, Dr Neo Cortex realises there is only one way he can possibly win - Time Travel. To defeat him, Crash must travel, unprotected, through the hazardous space-time continuum to Ancient Egypt, Rome, Medieval England and back to before history began - when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Rather than simply giving the existing game engine an overhaul, Naughty Dog have created an all-new environment for Crash, one that is recognisably part of the same universe, but on a world light-years apart from what has gone before.

Crash Bandicoot: Warped is more interactive, with greater path deviation and a variety of levels; and thanks to an increased inventory of helpful gadgets, Crash can now FULLY explore realms of the planet never dreamed of before. Crash boasts a load of new moves and animations - twice as many as Crash 2! New moves include the super-powered body slam and slides, a new double jump, a death tornado spin, laser-guided apple bazooka and speed shoes.

Gasp as Crash races across the Great Wall of China on the back of a tiger! Shriek as he uses his trademark spin attack to create a deadly whirlwind. Hold your breath as Crash dives underwater in search of the lost city of Atlantis.

But it's not all good news. Crash may have more tricks up his sleeves than ever before, but so have his enemies. As N. Brio prepares for his final onslaught against the 'Blunder from Down Under', Crash is going to need all the help he can get!

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Game ID: SCUS-94244


Released on November 04, 1998 in the USA.

[US] "Crash Bandicoot - Warped [Model SCUS-94244]" (Greatest Hits, 1999)

Export releases:
[EU] "Crash Bandicoot 3 - Warped [Model SCES-01420]"
[JP] "Crash Bandicoot 3 - Buttobi! Sekai Isshuu [Model SCPS-10073]"

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Naughty Dog, Inc.: Andrew M. Gavin, Jason Rubin, Bob Rafei, Justin Monast, Charlotte Francis Morgan, Stephen D. White, Greg Omi, Eric A. Iwasaki, Erick Pangilinan, Rob Titus, Joe Labbe II, E. Daniel Arey, Malcolm Hee, Daniel Chan, Evan Wells, Morgan

Soundtrack by: Josh Mancell, Mark Mothersbaugh, Mutato Muzika
Soundtrack Producer: David Baggett
Character Design and Art Direction by: Charles Zembillas
Voice Producer: Christine Haas
Voiceovers: Clancy Brown (as Dr. Neo Cortex), Michael Ensign (as N, Tropy), William Hootkins (as Dingodile), Brendan O'Brien (as N. Gin and Tiny the Tiger), Mel Winkler (as Aku Aku)
Sound Effects by: Michael Gollom, Ron Horwitz, Kevin Spears
Special Thanks: Heidi Adams, Donna Armentor, Shelley Ashitomi, Maggie Baquero, Gary Barth, Kurtis Buckmaster, Tony Cantale, Cheryllynn Carter, Lori Chase-Nardi, Cheryl Childers, Joyce Clement, John Crompton, Chris Deering, Brian Dimick, Aimee Duell, Jackie Evanochick, Lara Flynn, Emily Franks, Peggy Gallagher, Gerry Gentile, Brian Hale, Phil Harrison, Kaz Hirai, Kerry Hopkins, Jeff Hutchinson, Grace Kao, Michelle Katz, Rick Lemoine, Dana Long, Lisa Lunger, Scott MacGregor, Colin MacLean, Marie Macaspac, Susan McCready, John McConigle, Mike McKay, Kirsten Merit, Steve Miller, Toshiyuki Miyata, Juan Montes, Frank O'Malley, Joel Pambid, David Patton, Joe Pearson, Quinn Pham Le, Paul Rioux, Brett Robinson, Rick Rooney, Riley R. Russell III, Masatsuka Saeki, Akira Satou, Maggie Silverman, Matt Small, Yvonne Smith, Jack Tretton, Michelle Vercelli, Marilyn Weyant, Ronald Zaragoza, Fleischman-Hillard, Chiat Day (TBWA/Chiat Day), Rapp-Collins, Poppe-Tyson
Executive Producer: Mark Cerny, Shuhei Yoshida
Producer: Grady Hunt, Tsurumi-0600
Senior Producer: Perry Rodgers
Senior Marketing Manager: Ami Matsumura-Blaire
Sr. Public Relations Manager: Molly Smith
VP Marketing: Andrew House
Sr. Director of Marketing: Peter Dille
Marketing Product Specialist: Nemer Velasquez
QA Manager: Mark Pentek
Technical Coordinator: Neil Musser
Lead Analyst: Donovan Soto
Assistant Lead Analysts: Ian McGuiness, Andrew Woodworth
Analysts: Ramon Concepcion, Nicholas Consolo, Charles DeLay, Ara Demirjian, Shawn Dobbins, James Hong, Christopher Keith, Dave Kinel, Ivan Kougaenko, Armand Pilotin, Corey Strock, Sam Thompson, Joseph Tucker
Director of Promotions: Sharon Shapiro
Associate Producer: Ryoichi Hasegawa
Senior Product Manager: Megumi Hosoya
Assistant Product Manager: Akiko Ogawa
Design Firm: Axiom Design SLC
Copywriting: Hanshaw Ink


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