Crack Down [Model G-4024]

Sega Mega Drive cart. published 31 years ago by SEGA Enterprises

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Crack Down © 1990 Sega Enterprises, Limited.


Game ID: G-4024
Cartridge ID: 670-0810
Package ID: 670-0811


Crack Down for Mega Drive was released on December 20, 1990 in Japan.

This version wasn't very successful for several reasons. It was actually a poor arcade translation and suffered from severe slowdowns causing it a cruel joke to play. Here are the most remarkable differences summarized.
1) The whole introduction and subscreens are altered. There are no more graphical intro screens, just plain text in a sky. Subscreens are very different.
2) Level 3-3 is missing and has been replaced by a stage that was not in the arcade.
3) The signs 'danger' on the roof stage are still in Japanese language, even in the Euro versions. The board that you have to shoot down in order to make a way to the exit shows a picture of Playdoc, while the arcade had Prayboy. They also take more hits to fall down than in the arcade.
Censorship perhaps?
4) Ben and Andy carry the bazooka once collected. In the Mega Drive version this can't be seen.
5) The map was done horribly bad, just a very blocky maze with the marked spots and the player in it, making this map look worse than an average 8-bit game.
6) The enemy details are no longer shown after completing the game, but are now shown on the right side when player 2 is not joining.
7) There is only one type of superbomb.


Planning: Kobupan
Screenplay: 2468drive, Kanazawa
Programming: SA.160A, Kimihiro Endoh (EC.NA.DF.OE), EBUC, Soft MA
Graphic Design: Kanazawa, Nagasaki, Gunma
Music Arranged by: Mecanoize
Sound Design: Masaru Suzuki (YMOIMO by MS)
Special Thanks to: Hokkaido, Chiba, Kanagawa, Help 1, Help 2, Help 3
Director: SA.160A
Producer: 2468drive
Cover Illustration by: Hidefumi Kimura


Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] [JP] (aug.7, 2007) [Model MBKJ]


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