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CP/M Disk 5 - Telecommunications 2

Apple II 5.25 disk published by LOGIC

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CP/M Disk 5 - Telecommunications 2 © 198? LOGIC [Loyal Ontario Group Interested In Computers]

On LOGIC CP/M 5 are the source code (*.ASM files) versions for the Apple Super Serial Card, M712SSC.ASM, the California Computer Systems 7710 Serical Card, M712CCS.ASM, and the Novation Apple CAT II, M712ACAT.ASM. Their respective *.COM files, which represent the usable form, are present on CP/M 4. Also on the disk is a lengthy (39K) text file, M712.DOC, which explains the use of these programs in great detail. The use of the Hayes Micromodem II is explained in the .DOC file bearing that name.


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