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Cow Tipping

Redemption mechanical game published 20 years ago by Team Play

Listed in MAME

Cow Tipping screenshot

Cow Tipping © 2004 Team Play.

Cow Tipping is an unique game in an equally unique cabinet for kids and adults of all ages. The object of this redemption game is to math the land position of three cows. Icons at the bottom of the play screen display all the possible positions. Players try yo select the same icon/position three times in a row using a big yellow button. The game is filled with a variety of levels, scenes, sounds, characters antics, and bonus levels that keep the player entertained each time the game is played.


Players : 1
Control : trackball
Buttons : 1


From the minds that launched the trendsetting Star Trek Voyager game, Team Play and Game Refuge have now entered the realm of interactive video redemption with the new game called, appropriately enough, 'Cow Tipping'.

So what's the draw to this new farm themed attraction ? First, players are attracted by the creative animation, cow bells and mooing. Also, children and adults are delighted by the cows' blue eyes, expressive smiles and wiggling eyebrows. Lastly, operators are enthusiastic about the innovative flexibility of a game that can dispense tickets or prize capsules.


Machine's picture.