Countermeasure [Model CX5210]

A 36-year-old Atari 5200 Game by Atari, Inc.

Countermeasure [Model CX5210] screenshot

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Countermeasure © 1982 Atari, Incorporated.


Model CX5210


Reaching Depot: 50 Points.
Pillbox: 100 Points.
Jeep: 200 Points.
Tank: 300 Points.
Silo: 500 Points.
Cruise Missile : 1000 Points.
Destroying Silos in Time: 10,000 Points.
Guessing Fail-Safe Code: 10,000 Points.
Bonus life every 10,000 points.


* KEEP MOVING. As everyone knows, a moving target is harder to hit. For that reason, you may prefer the AUTO-TANK option to STOP-TANK at higher skill levels.

* REMEMBER YOUR GOAL. Your primary objective is to destroy all the silos before the timer runs out. You'll never make it if you go for every pillbox and supply depot. Concentrate on the pillboxes that are in your way. Pass up a supply depot if you have enough fuel to make it to the next depot.

* PACE THE PILLBOXES. At the start of a game, pillboxes will rotate twice before they start firing at you. Take advantage of this to zap one or two. You can also draw their fire and then go for them while their guns are rotating away from you. But watch out for crossfire from other pillboxes. They don't all rotate in sync.

* SHOOT DIAGONALLY. Your turret gun shoots further when it's line of fire is diagonal to the target.

* DON'T BE AN EASY TARGET. When cruise missiles start looking for you, trees and buildings are your best defense. So stick to the forests and towns and cross open country as fast as possible. (This tip won't help you at skill level 9.)


Graphics: Alan Murphy
Programmers: John Seghers, Leo Salinas

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