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Cosmic Commuter [Model AG-038]

Atari 2600 cart. published 40 years ago by Activision, Inc.

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Cosmic Commuter [Model AG-038] screenshot

Cosmic Commuter © 1984 Activision

The game takes place in the year 2075. You work for the Galactic Travel Agency, and need to help the citizens commute to and from work! Each level consists of several parts. First, you must successfully land the rocket module on the planet surface (this contains your astrobus). This part of the game is similar to the game Lunar Lander; you must control the speed of the lander to make sure you don't crash! In the second, horizontally scrolling segment you control the astrobus and attempt to pick up the commuters at the bus stops. Once all of the commuters are picked up, return to the rocket module and take off to transport the commuters to the grand central space station. Of course, there are many obstacles which can prevent a successful mission. Meteors, fireballs and space mines all get in the way and can destroy your astrobus. Your astrobus is equipped with a laser that can be used to destroy these obstacles. The astrobus also has a limited amount of fuel; if you start running out you better find more fuel before you crash!


Model AG-038


Tips for Trainees
Jou Muldooner, Local 472, said,
"The best way to stay on schedule is to fly close to the surface. You'll lose time if you fly all over the place, trying to shoot everything."

Maude Spinetti, Local 12, added,
"I aim to get all eight commuters. That's when those bonus fares really pour in."

Amron Smert, dispatcher, said,
"Learn to use the Scanner to choose direction. Remember that it represents an orbit, not a straight line. So sometimes the quickest way to either end of the display is to fly in what appears to be the opposite direction."

Finally, an anonymous voice whispered a secret:
"If there are no fuel pods around, one will often appear if you fly to the top of the screen and shoot three times. But even this won't work once all the commuters are gone."


Programmer: John Van Ryzin


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