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Coronation St. [Model PR2252] [Scorpion 4]

Fruit Machine published by Mazooma Games

Listed in MAME

Coronation St. © 200? Mazooma Games.

Get on the feature board by reaching position eight on the trail or achieving a reel win. Position four on the trail awards a bonus. Nudges may be awarded, as well as a Nudge Bonus, such as Stoppa, Nudge, Magic Nudges and Mystery Nudge.

The feature board is a lapper, awarding such things as Cash, Nudges, Super Shots, Name Fill, Face icons and bonuses. Each corner square of the board has four different possibilities; for example, the first corner has Stoppa, Taxi, Coronation St., and Mystery. Only one of these will be active at any one time. Mystery squares are only found on corners. This means that the player could be playing on a 'No-Lose Board', one where no mysteries are lit. Landing on a Shuffle square or the Start Square, shuffles the corners.

Steps are used to step the hi-lo reel to a new number. The player is then moved round the board by this new number, and awarded the new square. Gaining three Face icons activates the Super Shots. Super Shots are taken on the Super Shot Matrix, starting on Level 1. Extra Levels are gained by shooting the Extra Level shot or from the board. Completing the Name Fill turns the Super Shot Matrix extra super. Filling the Name Fill a second time awards Invincibility. Gaining three under-layed Red Boxes on the reels awards one of the five Barcode features.


[Model PR2252]

Technology : Scorpion 4
Cabinet : Eclipse Front-Opening


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