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Cooking Mama

Redemption mechanical game published 15 years ago by UNIS

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Cooking Mama screenshot

Cooking Mama © 2009 Universal Space.

Cooking Mama is cooking up mouth-watering meals onscreen in this entertaining touch screen game. Learn the cooking basics with Mama to create a number of culinary delights! Featuring various real dishes from around the world, learn how to prepare popular dishes such as Ratatouille, Minestrone soup, Sushi, Tortilla, and much more!

Control of the game is solely by the touch screen. Choose from a list of recipes and cook dishes according to a series of timed mini-games. Each time you are presented with a task, use the stylus as your cooking utensil to simply tap, swipe, or scribble on screen to slice, chop, peel, boil and sauté your way to perfection! Your cooking skills will be rated by Mama and tickets will be awarded based on how well you perform and the final score.


Dimensions: W610XD600XH1645(mm) / W24XD23 5/8XH64 3/4(inch)
Weight: 65kg/143.5lb
Voltage: 110V/220V
Container Fittings:
40’ GP container – 51 units
20’ GP container – 24 unit


This is the arcade installment of Taito's Cooking Mama franchise which got it's roots as a Nintendo DS game which eventually spawned sequels on the DS and the Nintendo Wii console.


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