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Control 30 - Space Mission

Bally Astrocade type-in published 41 years ago by Fabris, Robert

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Control 30 - Space Mission © 1983 Fabris, Robert.

Control 30 is a challenging game that makes you the captain of the starship Venture, which has run off its course into a strange galaxy with vicious aliens. Guide the aliens into your missile sights and fire away. But beware! The aliens shoot at you. If they hit your ship, it will become severely damaged. Your ship can only absorb 3 hits before disintegrating. Once the warning "Enemy in range" appears, quit toying around with the controls: quickly shoot it before it destroys you. You must destroy all aliens of one set of 3 before continuing... that means all aliens even ones that leaves your view-port must be tracked down and destroyed.

After one set of 3 have been destroyed a galactic chart will appear looking [like a rectangle with four different quadrants.] The large blip is the alien's new position. The small blip in the center of the screen is your ship's position. Move the small blip into the center of the large blip and pull the trigger. Voila! The new aliens are now ready to commence battle. Each set of aliens is harder to kill than the last because each new set has better accuracy with its laser. Destroy another set and the chart returns. After each set your shield is recharged and you start the next battle with a fresh 'ship' (Any shots that your ship may have absorbed previously are forgotten).


Published in
Arcadian 5, no. 9 (Jul. 22, 1983): 136-137, 140. (BASIC Listing)
Arcadian 5, no. 11 (Sep. 28, 1983): 170. (Program Correction)


Programmer: Dale Low