Contra - The Hard Corps [Model T-95093]

Sega Mega Drive cart. published 30 years ago by Konami Co., Ltd.

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Contra - The Hard Corps © 1994 Konami Company, Limited.

Side-scrolling run and gun-style shoot-'em-up video game. Set five years after the events of Contra Spirits, a terrorist group led by the renegade Colonel Bahamut has stolen an alien cell recovered from the war and now intends to use it to produce weapons. Instead of the traditional Contra heroes of Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, a new task force known as the Hard Corps (with four members) are sent to deal with the situation. The game features a branching storyline with multiple possible endings.

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GAME ID: T-95093


The game was presented at the 1994 Tokyo Omocha Show in Japan.

The tune Simon 1994 RD is a remix of Vampire Killer, a recurring theme music in the Castlevania series. The track is played in the secret Battle Stadium stage against the first enemy, an afro-haired cyborg who fights the player with a whip, as well as fishes thrown like a boomerang. His design is a pastiche of Castlevania protagonist Simon Belmont, as well as of Japanese singer Masato Shimon.

Export releases:
[KO] "Contra - Hard Corps [Model GM94017JT]"
[US] "Contra - Hard Corps [Model T-95106]"
[EU] "Probotector [Model T-95106-50]"

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