Contra [Model NES-CT-USA]

Export Nintendo NES cart. published 35 years ago by Nintendo of America, Inc.

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Contra © 1988 Nintendo of America, Incorporated.

North American version. For more information about the game itself please see the original Famicom version entry; "Contra [Model RC826]".

Description from the back cover:

Pitted against the galaxy's fiercest foe, you either win or the whole world loses.

The universe teeters on the brink of total annihilation at the hands of the vile alien war monger, Red Falcon. Earth's only hope rests with you, a courageous member of the Special Forces elite commando squad. Your mission: Battle deep into the deadly Amazon Jungle, where the Red Falcon and his galactic henchmen have transformed ancient Mayan temples into awesome monuments dedicated to mass destruction. A multitude of weapons, from rapid-fire machine guns to high-tech lasers, are at your disposal as you sweat blood, fighting past 3-D mazes, underground security systems and tropical forests surrounded by giant waterfalls and alien cannons. This is the ultimate test for the ultimate guerrilla warrior. And if you survive, Earth survives.


Cartridge ID: NES-CT-USA
Barcode: 015812890244


Contra for NES was released in February 1988 in North America by Nintendo under license from Konami.

The original Japanese Famicom version features an opening intro that explains the game's plot and the meaning of the Contra codename, as well as cut-scenes after each stage and additional graphical effects such as animated palm trees in Area 1 and a snowfall in Area 5. These added features were not in the overseas versions due to the conversion from Konami's custom VRC-2 chip to a standard UNROM.

The American instruction manual features a different backstory than the ones established in the Famicom's intro. The time is changed from the distant future to the present day, with the setting moved to an unnamed South American island. The main characters are given the nicknames of Mad Dog and Scorpion, names which were later used for 2 different characters in the American-produced Contra 4 for the Nintendo DS.


Arcade [PlayChoice-10] "Contra [Model PCH1-R-CT]"


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