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Contra [Model DMG-CNJ]

Nintendo Game Boy Cart. published 33 years ago by Konami Industry Co., Ltd.

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Contra [Model DMG-CNJ] screenshot

Contra © 1991 Konami Industry Company, Limited.

Following the triumph of Bill Rizer and Lance Bean against Red Falcon's second attempt to conquer Earth, another extraterrestrial threat known as Black Viper who has seized a secret naval laboratory to develop a new breed of supreme alien being.

As a result of this, Lance Bean (a.k.a. Scorpion) is on his own in a mission to wage war against Black Viper and his subordinates.

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Cartridge ID: DMG-CNJ
Barcode: 4988602564600


Contra for Game Boy was released on January 8, 1991 in Japan.

The primary villain, Black Viper was reused as the primary villain in Contra 4 which was released on the Nintendo DS in 2007.

Known Export releases:
"Operation C [Model DMG-CN-USA]"
"Probotector [Model DMG-CN-NOE]"
"Probotector [Model DMG-CN-ESP]"
"Probotector [Model DMG-CN-UKV]"


Graphic Designer: K. Kimura
Programmer: T. Hagihara, Y. Hayano
Sound Creator: H. Funauchi
Special Thanks: H. Matsuda, Kurokotai, FC Contra Team


japan Nintendo Game Boy (sept.25, 1997) "Konami GB Collection Vol.1 [Model DMG-AJIJ-JPN]"


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