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Connect 4

Fruit Machine published 23 years ago by Vivid Gaming

Listed in MAME

Connect 4 © 2001 Vivid Gaming.

The machine is a licensed product where players can play the actual Connect 4 game for cash prizes. The game will begin on every press of the start button,
overprinted counters on the reels award 27-way entry to the feature. Once in the feature players move around the continuous trail, Hi - Lo gambles can be used to increment the feature and knockout columns. The Hi - Lo reel also contains extra positions:- Bonus activates 1 of 6 bonuses in the bonus panel.

Connect 4 adds to the Connect 4 Trail and Cash-pot. Bonus nudges allow players to use their strategy to nudge in reel wins or manipulate the reels for higher wins from the features. Completing the 8 position Connect 4 name fill activates the Connect 4 game. Players can continue around the feature board to increase the value in the Cash-pot.
Achieving 4 red counters in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally in the Connect 4 game awards the player the value in the cash-pot.
Match 3 Vivid Stripes on the win-line to activate Mega Features.


Machine Type: UK AWP
Technology: MPU 5


Released on August 1st, 2002.


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