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Computer published 41 years ago by Comx World Operations, Ltd.

Listed in MAME

COMX 35 © 1983 Comx World Operations, Limited.


The COMX 35 was one of the very few systems to use the RCA 1802 microprocessor, the same microprocessor that is also used in some space probes.


The COMX 35 was manufactured in Hong Kong by COMX.


The most famous bug in the COMX basic ROM was when you typed in the line number 65535 this resulted in the COMX hanging and the screen getting all messed up which could be very frustrating if the user had spent hours typing in a BASIC program.

A similar thing as when using line number 65535 was typing in 'READY', after this the COMX was not 'READY' anymore. F&M discovered this one when they designed the F&M screen editor and pressed 'CR' (return) on the 'READY' prompt. As such they decided to change the prompt into 'OK' to avoid too many accidental hangings when using a screen editor. This fault was actually caused by the basic READ command, when a READ Y (or any other READ) instruction is given when there is no DATA statement in the loaded basic program the COMX hangs.

Another bug in the standard character set was the '!' which displayed a red dot just above the black dot.


Machine's bios.
Machine's picture.