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Commodore 64DX / Commodore 65

Computer published 33 years ago by Commodore, Ltd.

Listed in MAME

Commodore 64DX / Commodore 65 screenshot

Commodore 64DX / Commodore 65 © 1991 Commodore.



In the end of 1990, Commodore decided to create a successor for the famous "Commodore 64". They worked on a prototype called the "Commodore 64DX" (C64DX) then Commodore 65 (C65).

The C65 had new great features: a very special version of the 7510 with lot of new opcodes, great graphic modes (better than the Atari ST or the Amiga!) and a great new processor: the DMA / Blitter. This chip can be programmed with a list of instructions to copy or set blocks of memory.

The machine was meant to be fully compatible with the C64, but it wasn't. A special key was added on the keyboard to switch between the two modes (C64/C65).

The development of this machine was stopped (apparently because of problems with the VIC III controller and because of the cost of this computer), and because of the success of the Amiga (Notice that the C65 case looks like the Amiga one!).

Commodore produced about 50 C65's, the first ones display C64DX at boot, the latest display Commodore 65.


Machine's Bios.