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Commando [Model 9000]

Mattel Intellivision cart. published 37 years ago by INTV Corp.

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Commando [Model 9000] screenshot

Commando © 1987 INTV.

You begin each mission at the bottom of the screen and advance toward the top, into enemy territory. Run in the direction you press the hand controller DISC; release the DISC to stop. As you advance, more of the battlefield moves onto screen from the top. You can only advance -- your movements left, right, and down are limited to the area currently on screen.

Armed only with a machine gun and hand grenades, you will face wave after wave of enemy soldiers -- attacking on foot, from behind barricades, or from trenches. Learn their different weapons and patterns -- you'll need both strategy and dexterity to defeat them!

Your goal each mission is the gates to the enemy stronghold that will appear at the top of the screen -- if you get that far. The doors open as you approach -- enter to complete the mission. Be careful! The doors are well guarded!

Successfully complete the mission and take a well deserved break, Then you're off on a new mission -- harder than before!


Model 9000


Producer Dave Warhol hired former Mattel Electronics programmer John Tomlinson (Mission X) to do the conversion of Commando to the Intellivision. John did some brilliant programming (the bullets are not moving objects, they are animated on the fly in the background), but he wasn't big on discipline. As the deadline loomed with the game far behind schedule, Dave had to take drastic measures.

We'd like to avoid the word 'kidnapping' since it implies a capital crime, but Dave did drive to John's apartment, grab him, and drive him back to Dave's home office where John remained, living and working, until Commando was finished.

Your score is shown on the screen between turns and at the end of missions. You receive points for each enemy soldier hit
Foot Soldiers 300 pts.
Aggressive Foot Soldiers 400 pts.
Rifle Troops 500 pts.
Bazooka Teams 600 pts.
Artillery Soldiers 700 pts.
Trench Soldiers 800 pts.
P.O.W. Guards 1000 pts.
Generals 2000 pts.
Picking Up Stockpile of Grenades 1000 pts.
Successfully Completing Mission 5000 pts.

* Easter Egg : Press 0 (zero) while title screen is displayed to view credits.


Program: John Tomlinson
Graphics: Connie Goldman
Sound: David Warhol


Game's ROM.