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Colourscore [Model VM11]

Dedicated Console published 47 years ago by Videomaster

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Colourscore © 1977 Videomaster.

A pong console from Videomaster in color.

Built-in games: Football, Tennis, Squash


Model VM11

CPU: MM-57105 from National Semiconductor


The ColourScore (model VM-11) is one of the first color systems released by Videomaster in 1977 along with the ColourShot and VisionScore. This model was the most successful of all the systems released by the company, and was sold in several European countries. This system uses the National Semiconductor MM-57105 game chip and plays three games for one or two players (single player games are played with one controller moving both paddles at the same time). This system has a rather uncommon design similar to the Star Chess game released by the company.


Machine's picture.