Colony Wars [Model SLES-00860/10860]

Sony PlayStation Game published 22 years ago by Psygnosis

Not emulated yet.


Colony Wars © 1997 Psygnosis, Ltd.


CD1 ID: SLES-00860
CD2 ID: SLES-10860


Released on November 05, 1997 in Europe. Colony Wars was developed internally by Psygnosis' Liverpool Studio.

Export releases:
[US] "Colony Wars [Model SLUS-00543/00554]"
[JP] "Colony Wars [Model SLPS-01403~4]"
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Original Game Concept and Storyline: Mike Ellis
Game Designer: Mike Ellis
Gameplay Co-ordination: Chris Graham, David Wolsey, Graham Sidwell
Mission Building: Mike Ellis, Chris Graham, David Wolsey
Lead Programmer: Mike Anthony
Programming: Mike Anthony, David Berrisford, Steve Davies, Gavin Dodd, Chris Roberts, Ben John, Marcus Goodey
Lead Artist: Lee Carus-Wescott
In-Game Models: Gary Burley, Lee Carus-Wescott, John Dwyer, Digby Rogers
Intro and Extro Movies: Lee Carus-Wescott
In-Game Movies: Jim Bowers, N. Thompson, John Dwyer, Stuart Love, Jules Findley
Creative Graphic Design: Anthony Roberts
FMV Post Production: Steve Gilbert, Geoff Dardis, Emma Quinn
Music: Tim Wright
Sound Effect and Speech Editing: Tim Wright, Mike Clarke
Product Manager: Lisa Cheney
Project Manager: David Riley
Script Writer: Damon Fairclough
In Mission Speech Scripting: Andy Satterthwaite, Damon Fairclough
All Other Scripting: Damon Fairclough
All Speech Recorded At: The Sound Company
Audio Engineered By: David Peacock
Audio Produced By: Lee Carus-Wescott, Mike Ellis, Philip Morris, Andy Satterthwaite
Voice Casting: Mike Ellis, Philip Morris, Andy Satterthwaite
Voice Actors: Burt Caesar (War Veteran), Sharon Holm (L.O.F.W. Info System), Bill Dufris (L.O.F.W. Tactical Computer), Eric Meyers (Wingmen/Fleet Craft), Gary Parker (Wingmen/Fleet Craft)
Sound Post Production: Creative Post Ltd.

Localization 1 (French/Italian/Spanish)
Casting: SDL Ltd, Les Frogs Casting Ltd
Localization by SDL Ltd

Localization 2 (German)
Lokalisationsmanager: Roger Schoenberg
Übersetzung: Gabi Lehmann
Tonaufnahmen: Studio Besser
Toningenieur: Max Wankenstein
2 Toningenieur: Jürgen Kaiser
Sprecher: Heike Wielk, Eric Pittelkow, Olaf Bison, Olaf Pessler, Susanne Grawe, Max Wanko, Clemens Wangerin
Besonderen Dank An: Hendrik Ackermann (DISC), Hartmut Lehmann

Testing Staff
Alpha Testing: Paul Tweedle, Larry Cooney, Alan McArdle, Marvin James
Beta Testing: Mark Inman, Jeff Bird, Paul French, Gary Spencer
Master Testing: Stuart Allen, Neil Clarke, Mark O'Connor, Jason Platt, Kevin Reilly, Jonathon Wild

Psygnosis Ltd Management
Managing Director: Ian Hetherington
Director of Development: Adrian Parr
Studio Manager: Sarah Harris
Executive Producer: Morgan O'Rahilly
Head Producer: Feargus Carroll
Programming Manager: Dave Rose
Art Manager: Ian Maber
Central Product Development Product Manager: Lisa Cheney
UK Product Manager: Kevin McSherry
France Product Manager: Thierry Genre, Lorna Owen
U.S. Product Manager: Michael Lustenberger
Germany Product Manager: Michael Buss
International Product Managers: Jane Hickey, Dawn Williams
UK Public Relations Manager: Gary Nichols
U.S. Public Relations Manager: Mark Day
France Public Relations Manager: Benoite Lavie
Germany Public Relations Manager: Ingo Zabrowski
Australia Public Relations Manager: Stefanie Wassall
International Public Relations Manager: Carolyn Seager
Technical Support: Pete Edwards, Lee Rawcliffe, Stephen Henstead
Special Thanks To: Stewart Sockett, John Gibson, Simon Moore, Jonathon Fargher, Kelly Evans, Jennifer Rees, Sallie Thomas, Paul Hanley
Initial Project Production: Ian A. Grieve, Cassandra Beyer
Producer: Andy Satterthwaite