Code 3

Coin-op Redemption Game published 15 years ago by Bay Tek, Inc.

Not emulated yet.


Code 3 © 2004 Bay Tek, Incorporated.

Code 3 is a rotary game. First, the player presses a button to activate the prize arm. This arm moves laterally across the playfield and pushes the prizes on the playfield as it moves. If the player succeeds in knocking one of these prizes off the rotating platter, they have earned the opportunity to play the Grand Prize Digitron. To play the Grand Prize Digitron players use a keypad located on the control panel to enter any 3-digit code into the number display above. If the player has entered the correct 3-digit code, they win the grand prize. If they have guessed incorrectly, the player enters another code. The game will guide the player through the number entering sequence, letting them know if they have guessed too high, too low, and if they have guessed any correct numbers.


Operators may choose to give the player 1, 2, 3, or 4 attempts to win the grand prize.

Height : 72inch.
Width : 31inch.
Depth : 46inch.
Weight : 575lbs.

Machine's picture.