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Clown mit 2 Schweinen [Musik-Automat]

Coin-op Musical Instrument published 122 years ago by Unknown

Impossible to emulate.

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Clown mit 2 Schweinen [Musik-Automat] © 1897 Unknown.

On dropping in the slot the prescibed coin, the musical box plays, the clown fodders the pig which is sitting upon his knees, the clown moves his head, eyes and legs, and is glad of it. The pig, which is eating out the food moves head and tongue.


Model number : 920
Dimensions : 122 x 81 x 78 cm.


The title of this machine translates from German as 'Clown with 2 pigs'.

Machine's picture.
Ernst Holzweissig Nachf.'s 1898 Export Catalogue - Page 56