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ClickStart © 2007 LeapFrog.

The ClickStart (with the slogan My First Computer) is an educational console system created for children aged between 3 and 6 years.


The entire system consists of a console unit and a wireless keyboard and mouse set. It also uses cartridges simply called My First Computer Software. The console also introduces Scout, a green-colored dog character who also appears in later LeapFrog products.


The ClickStart won the Outstanding Product award of the iParenting Media Awards and Mom-Tested Toy of the Year award of Parenting Magazine upon introduction in 2007.


The console allows up to three users to be set up in addition to a guest mode. User data is stored on the console itself. Additionally, a settings mode allows the parent or guardian to adjust the difficulty settings as desired, or even send a postcard to a desired user. Sending a postcard for the first time requires a password from the LeapFrog website to unlock. The password is SCOUT.


Machine's bios.