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Claymates [Model SNS-Y5-USA]

Nintendo Super NES cart. published 30 years ago by Interplay

Listed in MAME

Claymates [Model SNS-Y5-USA] screenshot

Claymates © 1994 Interplay

Clay animation will never be the same now that Professor Potty has bagged by the evil witch doctor Jobo. It's up to Professor Putty's son Clayton to set things right. With the help of Dad's super secret invention, young Clayton can transform into one of five different animals as he sets of to rescue. Grab the hidden pieces of clay and "poof" - you can change just in the nick of time. Tons of levels and power-ups take this 'round-the-world adventure straight to the 100! As an added bonus, Claymates features bonus games between levels. Climb a tree, dig your way through underground caverns, soar through the air, accelerate to unimaginable speeds and explore the ocean depths - nobody is going to gobble this guppy!

Goodies for Claymates [Model SNS-Y5-USA]
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Released in March 1994 in the USA.

Goodies for Claymates [Model SNS-Y5-USA]
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Cape Claynaveral warp
Start Clayton's Yard and jump over the first tunnel. Jump on the first flower four times.

Japan warp
Jump on the magnet in Cape Claynaveral four times.

Africa warp
Jump four times on the monster maker in Lily Pods.

Cannon warp
Jump on the third flower on the first world two times.


Designed By: Gregory A. Thomas, Colin Silverman, Jeremy Airey, Michael Quarles, Jim Gardner, Jeffrey J. Thomas
Programming: Brian Greenstone, Scott L. Patterson
Artwork: Colin Silverman
Clay Models and Animation: A-OK Animation, Angie Glocka, Owen Klatte
Additional Clay Models: Brian Giberson
Music: Brian Luzietti, Charles Deenen
Sound Effects & Audio Production: Charles Deenen
Additional Artwork: David A. Mosher, Robert Nesler, Spencer Kipe
World Editor: Scott L. Patterson
Music and Sound Engine (A.R.D.I.): Jim Sproul, John Philip Britt
Technical Assistance: Jason G. Andersen, Tim Meekins, Jonah Stich, John Schappert
Producer: Michael Quarles
Executive Producer: Brian Fargo
Director of QA: Kerry Garrison
Asst. Director of QA: Rodney N. Relosa
Lead QA Tester: William Church
QA Testers: Dean Schulte, Christoper A. Tremmel
Modem Technician: Christopher Taylor


Game's ROM.