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Chronicles of the Sword [Model SLES-00165/10165]

Sony PlayStation CD published 28 years ago by Psygnosis, Ltd.

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Chronicles of the Sword © 1996 Psygnosis, Ltd.


CD1 ID: SLES-00165
CD1 ID: SLES-10165


Export releases:
[SP] "Chronicles of the Sword [Model SLES-00191/10191]"
[US] "Chronicles of the Sword [Model SCUS-94700~1]"


Original Concept and Design: Kevin Bulmer
Project Management: Craig Foster
Head of Programming: John Wildsmith
Assistant Programmer: Kevan Harriman
Code: John Wildsmith
Art Direction: Kevin Bulmer
Artists: Kevin Bulmer, Nigel Bunegar, Matthew Stott, Kate Copestake, Mark Sheridan, Ben Clark
Script: Kate Copestake
Additional Script: Dave Minto
Manual and Clue Book: Dave Minto
Speed and Sound Effects: PC Music Ltd.

Producer: Bill Allen
Marketing: Lisa Wilson, Lori Von Rueden, Laura McLeod
P.R.: Mark Day, Dana Oertell