Choujikuu Yousai Macross 2036 [Model NSCD2007]

NEC PC-Engine CD published 31 years ago by NCS Corp.

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超時空要塞マクロス2036 © 1992 NCS
(Choujikuu Yousai Macross 2036)

Choujikuu Yousai Macross 2036 is an horizontal shooter by Masaya and published by NCS. The game is based on the popular and long-running Japanese animation series of the same name and first aired in 1982. In the future, humanity is engaged in a war against giant humanoid aliens called the Zentraedi. The game seems to chronologically takes place after the events of the original Macross movie. Macross 2036 features seven stages, from devastated cities on Earth to strikes in space, deep into enemy territory. The story is told through a series of fully voiced animated cutscenes very similar in style to the anime. The player takes control of Mylene Jenius, a Veritech fighter pilot. Her mecha, in the Macross tradition, can transform into three attack mode - the fighter jet, the intermediate Gerwalk and the humanoid Battroid. However the player can't transform at will and the game decides of which mode to use for a particular situation. For that reason, each level is split into two distinct sections - the first one is a traditional side scrolling shooter where only the fighter jet configuration is available, then the Veritech switches to its Battroid mode during boss encounters. In that mode, the player continuously fires at the enemy and controls are simply used to change the firing direction. The fighter is equipped with a front Vulcan gun and side missiles. Fourteen secondary weapons are also available and can only be purchased from the second level on. Experience points are awarded to the player throughout the game and used between stages to obtain such weapons - however they can only be equipped once and are discarded after use.

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Game ID: NSCD2007


Choujikuu Yousai Macross 2036 was released on April 03, 1992 in Japan for 7200 Yen.

[FR] August 1992 - Joypad N.11: 84/100


Producer: Toshiro Tsuchida
Marketing: Masaki Uchida, Jun Mimura, Yasuaki Yokoe, Takashi Kikuchi, Kyoko Katagiri
Sales: Akio Matsuda, Norihiko Iwamoto (B-saku Iwamoto), Hideo Iwasaki, Keiko Kimura
Executive Producer: Yasumasa Shirakura
Production Support: AIC
Visual Producer: Hiroshi Kakoi
Director: Akira Nishimori
Character Design: Haruhiko Mikimoto
Mechanical Design: Koichi Ohata
Art Director: Noboru Sugimitsu
Production Support: Oniro, Hiroaki Inoue
Visual Production Coordinator: Yasusuke Sonoyama
Production Support: Big West
Development: Klon
Director: Hiroshi Nakamura
Planning & Scenario: Norio Makino
Chief Programmer: Tsutomu Takano
Programmers: Saburo Matsuoka, Hiroshi Harada
Graphic Designers: Norio Makino, Yuko Tanisako, Takahide Saito (NCS), Hisako Takizawa (NCS)
Audio: Atsuhiro Motoyama, Hiroshi Iizuka
Music: Taku Iwasaki, Atsushi Yamaji
Technical Advisors: Kureaki Takahashi, Kazumi Kobayashi
Special Thanks: Takehiko Kubokawa, Shigeru Suzuki, Miyuki Takagi
Production Support: Tenky
Visual Production Coordinator: Mitsuhiro Shimano
Visual Scene Program: Toshiyuki Hashitani
Visual Scene Design: Hanjiro Honma
Production Support: Winds
Visual Scene Graphics: Seiichiro Hino, Masanori Sakurai, Naoko Suzuki

Komilia Maria Jenius: Yumi Takada
Vrlitwhai Kridanik: Akio Otsuka
Lott Cien: Hirotaka Suzuoki
Quamzin Kravshera: Yuichi Meguro
Grimzol Gelhinov: Shinpachi Tsuji
Nelde Glowe Vizer: Ryusuke Obayashi
Navalt Zin: Yuji Mikimoto
Soldier: Isshin Chiba


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Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com