Chou Mahou Tairiku WOZZ [Model SHVC-AWOJ-JPN]

Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. published 24 years ago by BPS

Chou Mahou Tairiku WOZZ [Model SHVC-AWOJ-JPN] screenshot

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超魔法大陸WOZZ © 1995 BPS [Bullet-Proof Software]

(Chou Mahou Tairiku WOZZ)

Chou Mahou Tairiku Wozz is a game produced in 1995 by Bullet Proof Software and developed by RED. Balaam, an evil demon, has arrived in the world of Wozz and a poison rain has turned its inhabitants into monsters. The king ask his wizard to use his magic to summon three fighters from the human world to help them. The three humans are from different nationalities, the first one is the Japanese girl (Reona Kitazato), the second the blond American (Shot Phoenix) and the last one a Chinese boy (Chun Chingtao). Each one of them also receives special skills, weapons and some money. They are now ready to start their long journey and free the world of Wozz. The game is a traditional Japanese Role Playing Game, our heroes move around on a world map which zooms in when they enter a village or an important location. Fights happen most of the time at random and are round based. The best feature of the game is certainly the option to create new vehicles and items. A good knowledge of the Japanese language is necessary, the game can still be playable but players will miss most of the story line for sure.




Released on August 04, 1995 in Japan for 10800 Yen.

The title translates from Japanese as 'Super Magic Continent Wozz'.

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