Chicago Express

A 83-year-old Coin-op Pinball by Daval Mfg.

Not emulated yet.


Chicago Express © 1935 Daval Mfg. Co.

Player aims at and shoots ball into 1st top electric elevator, lighting up green go-ahead signal.

Ball is elevated instantly and switched onto upper level tracks towards and into the 2nd or bottom electric elevator.

As the ball in the 2nd elevator is being lifted and switched to next track, the whole train lights up and all the balls in the bottom Express Stations are automatically and simultaneously advanced into the next higher score stations.

When a ball reaches the last Express Station, it is automatically shunted up the board and into the enclosed high score depot.


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Released in February 1935.


14,500 or over = 2 Skill Points
16,500 or over = 3 Skill Points
18,000 or over = 4 Skill Points
20,000 or over = 5 Skill Points
22,000 or over = 10 Skill Points
24,000 or over = 20 Skill Points

Odd Color Ball Counts Double

The Coin Machine Journal - January 1940 issue