Checkers [Model AG-003]

Atari 2600 Cart. published 38 years ago by Activision, Inc.

Emulated in MAME !
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Checkers © 1980 Activision.

Checkers features 4 game variations:
Game 1: You against the novice Activision computer.
Game 2: You against the intermediate Activision computer.
Game 3: You against the expert Activision computer.
Game 4: You against another human opponet.


Model AG-003


Tips from Alan Miller, designer of Checkers

"I can't be very much help with tips on how to beat the computer at Checkers. When I discovered any weakness in his play, I worked to improve it. The darn machine frequently beats me."

"The computer will take the time allowed him by the difficulty level and examine all moves available for the next several plays. He will add up total pieces remaining for himself and his opponent and decide which move works best. You'll want to do the same, looking ahead as many moves as you can."

"One weakness the computer still has is that he lacks a killer instinct at the end of a game. Even when he has greater firepower than you do, he seems content to diddle about in the center of the board, not willing to risk an attack, content with a draw. This is your chance to take over the attack - but carefully!"

"If you want to become a really good Checkers player, I suggest you go to the library and read up on the game, as I did before designing Checkers by ACTIVISION. Ther's a lot of strategy to learn. In many ways, Checkers is more difficult to play well than Chess."

"I want to acknowledge A. L. Samuels, whose pioneering work in the field of computer artificial intelligence has been a source of inspiration to me and to an entire generation of computer programmers and game players."


Programmer: Alan Miller

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