Charlie Ninja

A 24-year-old Arcade Video Game by Mitchell

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Charlie Ninja © 1994 Mitchell Corporation.

A colourful, 1 or 2-player platform shoot-em-up consisting of 5 stages, in which the player controls a Ninja who must jump and shoot his way through each of the game's stages, before taking on the archetypal end-of-level 'Boss'.

Bonuses can be picked up to increase the firepower, and barrels can either be smashed to reveal bonuses, or picked up and thrown at the enemies. In addition; the Ninja can perform high jump by pressing the JUMP button, then pressing it again while the Ninja is in the air. This is useful for avoiding enemies and essential for reaching high platforms.


Main CPU : ARM (@ 28 Mhz)
Sound Chips : (2x) OKI6295 (@ 7.627 Khz)

Players : 2
Control : 8-way Joystick
Buttons : 3


Charlie Ninja was released in October 1994.

The 2 main Characters are called Roy and Lon.


Game Design : Noarick. Y
Character Design : Charlie Arai
Composer : Baggio Aoki
Main Program : Namcha
Assistant Program : Br. C0in
Bonus Game Program : Viva! Romario
Name Entry Program : Enoshin Plus
Sound Effect : Robert Aoki
Character Graphic : Poco-Lins, Utata. K, Nozomu, Tatsu. Kei, Ken, Kyo
Background Graphic : Utata. K, M. Natsuki, Y. 1Gou, 96-28?, Ryu, Toda. Go
Special Thanks : Steve, R&N&E, C. N. All Staff

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