Championship Pool [Model NES-P3-USA]

A 25-year-old Nintendo NES Cart. by Mindscape, Inc.

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Championship Pool © 1993 Mindscape, Incorporated.

Here's a straight game of 8-Ball to play against your friends - no trick stuff - with rock 'n' roll riffs dancing on your eardrums. All the thrills of one of the world's most popular games is yours whenever you want it, and you'll never even have to wait for a table!

Championship Pool gives you all the excitement of pure pool play, with unique features you may not find in any other electronic billiards product. And this NES pool game is officially endorsed by The Billiard Congress of America.

* Pit yourself against the computer or challenge up to 7 human opponents using the Party Pool option.
* Choose from zoom-in and zoom-out screens, and choose the music to get you going!
* Think you're a shark? Try Tournament Mode where only the best players qualify for the world championship tournament.
* Play 8-ball, 9-Ball, straight pool or over 15 different games.

Chalk up and rack 'em... It's your break!




Released in October 1993 in USA.

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