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Chameleon Twist [Model NUS-NCTJ-JPN]

Nintendo 64 cart. published 27 years ago by Japan System Supply

Listed in MAME

Chameleon Twist [Model NUS-NCTJ-JPN] screenshot

Chameleon Twist © 1997 Japan System Supply.

Follow a rabbit through a magical pot to the Day-Glo underworlds of Chameleon Twist. Above ground, Davy is a typical chameleon, lolling in the sun and occasionally lapping up some lunch. Down below, he's a fleet-footed man/child whose tongue has taken on some truly miraculous powers. Shishkebab Attack, anyone?

This colorful pak from Japan System Supply offers both a one-player adventure mode and a battle mode for one to four players. In adventure mode, the top-hatted rabbit leads Davy on a merry chase through six baffling worlds filled with more puzzles and beasties than you can shake a ten-foot tongue at!

Because Chameleon Twist emphasizes exploration, you're not forced to complete the six worlds in a predetermined sequence. Indeed, it will take quite a bit of poking around to collect 20 Crowns in each world. Once you've done that, you'll be able to enter a seventh world, in which you get to fight the six bosses you've encountered throughout the game.

In your quest for the rabbit and the Crowns, you'll find yourself riding rickety trolleys, diving into waterfalls, spearing swarms of spiders, smashing rocks, dodging giant billiard balls and skipping over quicksand.

Each world is entirely different from the others. In Jungle Land, there's no endangered species -- except, perhaps, for Davy himself. To survive, he'll have to spear his lock-stepping enemies by shooting forth his tongue in the Shishkebab Attack. In Ant Land, the six-legged soldiers come marching one by one. Grab 'n' toss Rocket Bombs at the breakable blocks of Bomb Land. Davy risks vanishing forever beneath the shifting sands surrounding Desert Castle. Kids' Land abounds with not-so-sweet cakes and cookies. Fierce fireballs and other spirits haunt the gloomy halls of Ghost Castle.




Released on December 12, 1997 in Japan.


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