Centipede [Cocktail 13in. model]

Arcade Video Game published 38 years ago by Atari, Inc.

Not emulated yet.


Centipede © 1981 Atari, Incorporated.

For more information about the game itself, see "Centipede [Upright model]".


This 'Cocktail 13in.' model is black and wood-grained. The only graphics on this one are on the corners of the cab underneath the glass, in addition to the control panel artwork, which matches that of the upright and cabaret models. To the right of the game screen is the Centipede logo, with arrows pointing out the player start buttons underneath the logo on player 1's side. Player 2's side shows simple game artwork underneath the logo. To the left of the game screen, for both players, is game instructions.

Height: 27 in. (65.58 cm)
Width: 32 in. (81.28 cm)
Depth: 27 in. (65.58 cm)

Monitor: 13" color raster


This Cocktail model was released in July 1981. It featured a 13-in. monitor and was sold $1,795 at the time of its release. It was much more common than the 19-in. cocktail model pictured on the front page of the Centipede promotional flyer; 5,977 of these 13-in. cocktail units were produced.