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Carmageddon II - Carpocalypse Now

PC/MS-Windows CD published 26 years ago by SCI, Ltd.

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Carmageddon II - Carpocalypse Now © 1998 SCI, Ltd.

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Released on October 12, 1998 in Europe.

Carmageddon II was the first Carmageddon game to feature hardware acceleration, this was used for the higher quality damage models and higher quality levels.

Like its predecessor, Carmageddon II was subject to criticism for the level of violence portrayed in the game.

The game features a heavy metal soundtrack. Four original songs by Iron Maiden are included:
The Trooper
Aces High
Be Quick or Be Dead
Man on the Edge

Music by Sentience is also used.


Original Game Design and Concept: Patrick Buckland, Neil Barnden
Lead Programmer: Patrick Buckland
Programmers: Matthew Edmunds, Kevin Martin (Dr.), Richard Batty, David Hosier, Bruce Mardle
Additional Programming by: Paul Johnson, Lez Andrew, Ian Moody, Russell Clarke, James Sharman
Car Physics: Kevin Martin (Dr.)
Tools Programming: Ian Moody
Lead Artist: Neil Barnden
3D Modelling: Paul Marchant
2D Art and Texturing: Russell Hughes, Darren Porter, Alan Rowe
Additional Artwork by: Terry Lane, Shaun Smith, Trevor Howis, Steve Rushbrook, Cameron Kerr, Conrad W. Rudy
3D Animations: Ashley Hampton, Paul Marchant
Sound Acquisition and Processing: Neil Barnden, Patrick Buckland, Ashley Hampton, Mat Sullivan
Internal Testing: Tim Smart
Web Support: Tim Smart
Business Manager: Ben Webster
Development Manager: Mat Sullivan
Idiot Stunt Man: Tony

Producer: Darren Barnett
QA Manager: Ben Gunstone
QA Team Coordinator: Marc Titheridge
QA Team: Matt Friday, Mike Tucker, Barry Webber, Jon Danson, Ricky Harper, Warren Weathers, Mark Sola Anderson, Anthony Benton, Rob Breaks, Dan Mellor
Director of Development and Operations: David Ratcliffe
Chief Executive: Jane Cavanagh
Marketing Manager: Georgina Worsley-Winteringham
PR Manager: Sam Forrest
Sales & Marketing Director: Bill Ennis
European Sales Manager: David Clark
European Sales Executive: Jacy Barrett
Production Manager: Nicole Beale
Finance Director: Rob Murphy
Account Executive: Jennie Taylor
Sleeve Design: Red Cloud, Julian Gibson (Sarah Brown Agency)
Thanks to: Adrian Curry, Andy O’Dowd, David Wilson, Katie Blundell, Trisha Saunders, Keith Hodgetts
Everyone else whose contributions helped make this sick, depraved and morally corrupt FUN game.


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