Car Wars [Model PHM 3054]

A 37-year-old TI-99/4A Soft. by Texas Instruments

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Car Wars © 1981 Texas Instruments

If you enjoy the excitement of high-speed racing, combined with the challenge of out-maneuvering a canny opponent, this is your kind of game! With Car Wars Solid State Software Command Module, you pit your speed and skill against the computer's as you try to get your car around the track without getting 'crashed' off the field.




Retail price: $39.95


The object of the game is to clear the dots from the playing field by successfully maneuvering your car through the maze of lanes, without being "crashed" by the yellow computer car. You get three chances to clear the field. The number of cars in the pit show how many chances you have left at any point in the game.

To start the game, press any key. The game begins when the traffic light at the left-hand side of the display turns green to signal "Go!" Then the two cars begin moving in opposite directions around the outside driving lane.

To maneuver your car around the field to avoid the computer's car, press the arrow keys, [UP ARROW] (E), [LEFT ARROW] (S), [RIGHT ARROW] (D), and [DOWN ARROW] (X). To move your car two lanes over, instead of one, simply hold the key down for a moment (this capability provides a strategic player-advantage because the computer's car can move only one lane at a time).

As the game begins, the two cars are traveling at the same speed. The yellow car automatically doubles its speed sometime during the game, depending on the "speed up" level you selected (See "Getting Started"). To accelerate your car, press "Y" (Note that you can also accelerate by pressing ENTER on the TI-99/4 console or the period key on the TI-99/4A console).

If you are using the Wired Remote Controllers, move the lever to direct your car, and press the FIRE button to accelerate.

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