Capsule Factory

The Redemption Game by NAMCO, Ltd.

Not emulated in MAME


[COIN-OP] Redemption Game

Capsule Factory © 2003 Namco, Limited.

A one player "Pac-Man"-themed merchandiser where players control a robot arm in an attempt to balance a capsule as the arm slowly pushes up the ramp. If they successfully balance the capsule into one of the three holes, they win the merchandise within the capsule. Once a capsule has dispensed, the automated hopper above the play field releases a new capsule. The hopper can stores up sixty capsules.

The game auto-percentages based on the operator's initial settings. Difficulty is expressed through the robot arm control, as difficulty rises the arm becomes less stable.


Capsule Factory the  Redemption Game
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Dimensions : 71in. H x 23.5in W x 28in D

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