Capcom's MVP Football [Model SNS-NL-USA]

Nintendo Super NES cart. published 31 years ago by Capcom USA, Inc.

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Capcom's MVP Football © 1993 Capcom USA, Inc.

It's 4th and goal with 5 seconds left on the clock and you're down by 4 points. But you are faced with the toughest defense in the NFL. You take the hike, roll to the right, and find a wide open receiver. You rifle the ball towards him...
You call the shots in CAPCOM's MVP FOOTBALL! It's real NFL action that you won't find anywhere else. Choose any team from the AFC or the NFC. You can also play in different types of weather and field conditions. It's the closest thing to real football without getting dirty.

There are four different game modes
- Custom mode allows exhibition-type games to be played and for all the components of the game to be customized. Players can either control the action on the field or just be a coach and call all the plays.
- A tournament mode permits players to take his team through the playoff bracket and into the Super Bowl.
- MVP mode requires players to change history as he changes the outcome of historical NFL games.
- Demo mode allows the players to watch the AI play against itself.

Other features of the game include:
- An instant replay after the end of every important play and the end of each half provides a television-like angle to the gameplay on field.
- Game statistics show deficient stats in red numerals.

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Released in October 1993 exclusively in the USA.


Game's ROM.