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Cannon Ball [Vertical Screen version] © 1995 Yun Sung.

This game is like a crossover between "Arkanoid" and "Puzzle Bobble". You have a paddle and must shoot the ball trying to match with the same color balls on the descending balls. If you connect three or more balls vertically, horizontally, or diagonally that are the same color they will disappear. After the balls disappear, any balls that become detached from the descending structure also disappear. Balls can be shot in three directions: 45 degrees to the left, 45 degrees to the right, or strait up. If you are in difficult situation, you can shoot a bomb.

Once you clear a set number of disappearances, the stage is cleared and the player is rewarded with a digitized photo image of a nude model. Each stage features a different picture with a different girl.

If the descending balls reach the player's paddle, then the game is over.


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Developed by J&K Production.

Also released as "Cannon Ball [Horizontal Screen version]" (developed by Soft Vision).
Differences between the two version:
- Vertical edition has a deeper well.
-Vertical edition only matches colored balls in strait lines, while horizontal version matches all touching balls.
- Vertical edition does not reset the score after every stage.
- Vertical edition features western nude models while the horizontal version features Asian underwear models.
- Vertical edition rewards the player after every stage with a photo image while the horizontal version only rewards the player on even numbered stages.

Game's ROM.

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