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CAM #333: Jeux

Commodore Amiga 500 disk published by Club Amiga de Montreal

Not listed in MAME yet

CAM #333: Jeux © 199? Club Amiga de Montreal.


Designed to replace your user group's old shoebox full of membership numbers and names and add some pizzaz to the process of drawing for doorprizes at club meetings. Includes source.

A game based on a popular type of word skill puzzle contest generally sponsored by newspapers. Binary only.

Translation to C of a Rubiks Cube solver program originally written in Basic by John Murphy. Includes versions to do an unwrapped 2D solution, and a more visual 3D solution. Version 0.0, includes source.

You try to remember and mimic the sound/color sequence played by the computer. Each time you get it right, another sound/color is added to the sequence. Great practice in case you ever find yourself in a Close Encounters of the Third Kind experience. Binary only.

FallThru Ver. 1.0
A relatively simple game to play, but you must plan your moves to get the lowest score. The game starts with eight numbered horizontal bars in the center of the screen. Each bar has four holes, randomly spaced. On the top of the bars are eight purple markers that you make FALLTHRU the holes in the bars. You first specify which of the bars you want moved, pressing return after making your selection. You are then asked for a direction, left or right. Press the L or the R key, then a RETURN. Lastly, you are prompted for how many times you want that bar to move in the direction specified. You may input a number from one to nine. If you feel that you would like to change your mind, type a zero and the prompt will go back to asking for which bar to move. After hitting a number from one to nine and a RETURN, the bar will move. If a marker passes over a hole, it will drop in. You must get all eight markers to drop past the eighth bar in
the least amount of moves. You will then get a chance to try to beat your lowest score, or better yet, have a friend to try. Binary only.


Author: Mike Groshart

Author: Mike Savin

Author: Roger Uzun

Peter Handel

Author: Stafford White


Game's disk.