Cakewalk [Model CM008]

Atari 2600 Cart. published 36 years ago by CommaVid, Inc.

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Cakewalk © 1983 CommaVid

The conveyers are spinning out of control! A torrent of cakes and pies pour from the ovens. The besieged Baker must snatch the pastries before they fall off the end, but avoid the deadly silverware. If that's not enough, there's a dancing gingerbread man that tries to out-fox the Baker and a surly janitor to sweep up the mistakes.

You must maneuver the Baker among the six conveyers. You can stop one, but neglect it or try to stop another conveyor and it's on the move again. When you catch enough pastries, you'll earn a coffee break. Rest, enjoy your coffee, and get ready for a new onslaught of runaway goodies.

Good reflexes alone aren't enough to avoid disaster. As the pace increases, planning time and margin of error vanish until the bad-tempered janitor won't clean up another spill. Can you catch all the pastries and keep the Bakery going until the next coffee break? Test your speed, skill, and decisiveness in Cakewalk, the latest video challenge from Commavid.


Model CM008


* More experienced players can start with the left difficulty switch in the A (or EXPERT position to begin play at the difficulty level normally encountered after the fourth coffee break.

* The right difficulty switch and the TV type (Color / BW) switch have no function in Cakewalk.

* Game #11 is probably the hardest, and game #6 is the easiest.

* If you want the fastest action possible action, play games with the "belt speedup" feature.

* Study the Gingerbread men, they are more predicatable than they seem. They do act somewhat differently in the "all gingerbread men" game versions.

* In a fast and crowded situation, if a pastry is dropped, use the time taken by the janitor to clean up. Stop a belt and position your baker to salvage the situation.


Programmer: Irwin Gaines

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