Cage Match [Model IS 0199]

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Cass. published 30 years ago by Entertainment USA

Cage Match [Model IS 0199] screenshot

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Cage Match © 1988 Entertainment USA

This intergalacric wrestling match puts you in the ring with six of the meanest ugliest characters you could possibly imagine and your unenviable task is to attempt to knock 'em all senseless!

Your opponents, all professional wrestlers and interplanetary champions, are going to be pretty tough to beat, but if you can manage a well timed armspin, your opponent might just remain stunned long enough for you to climb up the sides of the cage which surrounds the ring and win the match!


Game ID: IS 0199


This game is also known by the name 'Intergalactic Cage Match'.


Programming by: Paul Atkinson
Graphics by: John Brennan