Cacoma Knight [Model SHVC-CC]

Nintendo Super Famicom Cart. published 26 years ago by Datam Polystar

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Cacoma Knight © 1992 Datam Polystar

Cacoma Knight is a puzzle/action game by DataM Polystar. The rich and peaceful Field-land kingdom is at stake and the evil queen Wagamama, queen of Lazyland, has ravaged the land with the help of her malefic mirror. The country is now cursed and the prosperity that once existed has been replaced by desolation and misery. The princess Ohime-sama (aka Ophelia) has also been taken away and she is now trapped inside the mirror world. The king decides to look for someone who can save the princess and the kingdom, and he eventually finds three heroes who seem unaffected by Wagamama's curse - the cute Jin Tori, the courageous Hi Patta and the humanoid-robot Kakomaru.

Cacoma Knight is largely based on Qix, the classic arcade game released by Taito in 1981. Each stage must be cleared (or 'purified') by surrounding and closing off potions of the playfield, and the percentage of screen area to clear up starts low and increases as the game progresses. Hordes of enemies of all kinds also chase our heroes throughout the game - some walk along the line the player leaves behind and can't be killed, others freely move inside areas that haven't been cleared and can be destroyed (for a short amount of time) by closing off the surface they're standing on. Cleared section also provides power-ups, special items and points hidden inside pink treasure chests - some of them give the player invincibility for a short amount of time whereas others give him extra lives or speed boots. Cacoma Knight also features a cooperative and versus two-player mode.


Cartridge ID: SHVC-CC


Released on November 21, 1992 in Japan for 7800 Yen.

[FR] March 1993 - Consoles + No. 18: 80/100

Export releases:
[US] "Cacoma Knight in Bizyland [Model SNS-CC-USA]"


Cheat mode: Press Up(x2), Down(x2), Right, Left, Right, Left, B, A at the 1P VS COM player selection screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.


Executive Producer: Yukio Kakehi
Assistant Producer: A. Tomikawa
Director: T. Yoshikawa
Programmer: Crazy Tom
Character Design: Ani Shimizu
Graphic Editor: S. W, A. Kumura
Sound Composer: T. Wakuta
Desk: M. Takada
Sales Promotion: H. Monma
Assistant: T. Kusakabe
Special Thanks to: T. Ishizashi, Y. Kikuchi, Y. Saitou, Tsunja

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Game's description by Laurent Kermel;