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C - The Contra Adventure [Model SLUS-00499]

Sony PlayStation CD published 26 years ago by Konami of America

Listed in MAME

C - The Contra Adventure © 1998 Konami of America.

There are a total of ten levels in the game, which are shown through multiple perspectives, depending on the level: 2-D side-scrolling (referred to as Classic Contra in the game manual), third-person (free-roaming and linear), overhead (360 degree movement), and a special Weightless Elevator view, which alternates between multi-directional and 3-D shooting on a single screen.

One of the third-person sequences, the Hunting level, plays almost exactly the same as the interior missions in the original Contra. All the innovations that were introduced in Contra: Legacy of War (memory card saving, hitpoints and three-dimensional fire fights) are maintained in this game. However, the gameplay varies depending on the level and perspective used. Three difficulty levels (Easy, Normal and Hard) are available at the outset of the game, though the game ends after the Pyramid 1 stage if playing on Easy.

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Released on August 31, 1998 in the USA.

It was the second of two Contra games Konami of America co-produced with Appaloosa.

The game was rated T (Teen, it have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).


1. Contra [Model GX633] (1987, Arcade)
2. Super Contra - Alien no Gyakushuu [Model GX775] (1988, Arcade)
3. Contra Spirits [Model DMG-ACSJ-JPN] (1991, Game Boy)
4. Contra Spirits [Model SHVC-CS] (1992, Super Famicom)
5. Contra - The Hard Corps [Model T-95093] (1994, Mega Drive)
6. Contra - Legacy of War [Model SLES-00608] (1996, PlayStation)
7. C - The Contra Adventure [Model SLUS-00499] (1998, PlayStation)
8. Shin Contra (2002, PlayStation 2)
9. Neo Contra (2004, PlayStation 2)
10. Contra 4 [Model NTR-YCTE-USA] (2007, DS)
11. Contra ReBirth (2009, WiiWare)


Game's CD.